My Wonder Jar

See the Natural Sea Sponges

Welcome to the new Wonder Jar

The Wonder Jar is an air-tight  storage container,or a modern day version of the old fashioned Kilner Jar. They are ideal for packing Body Scrubs or any Spa or Cosmetic products.

Natural Sponges: The range of Sea Sponges and Loofah products come from Tarpon Springs FL. which is known as the Sponge Capital of Florida.  Also look at the Spa Gift Jars with Sponge products packed in Wonder Jars.

Contact us for more information about Natural Sea Sponges, their harvesting, and the history of  the sponge industry in Tarpon Springs FL. 

Look through the various products, shapes and sizes, and order with confidence, shipments are confirmed within 24 hours.

Call customer service for any queries or to request a sample.

We hope you find The Wonder Jar as great a product as we do.

We also now have some new products Glass Fido Jars which are bigger then the range of Wonder Jars, 

Please contact us we look forward to serving you.

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